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Who is GM Photo Video LLC?

My name is Gunter Moeller. I am the owner of GM Photo Video LLC. I have more than 10 years of professional experience in digital image processing and analysis. Photography has been my passion since childhood. Finally, in late 2016, I’ve decided to start my own photography business and founded GM Photo Video LLC.


How I became a better photographer and videographer through acting

Besides photography, another passion of mine is acting. I’ve appeared in several local theater plays as well as in film productions. Acting has taught me how to utilize light, composition, and facial expressions, to create a certain look and feel clients want. So, it was a quite valuable experience. And you can take advantage of this

My newest passion: Wedding photography 

Never become a wedding photographer! Wedding photography is just stress and wedding photographers just do it for the money: So I thought until approximately one year ago, when a couple asked me to photograph their wedding (for a VERY reasonable price.)

This first wedding was an enlightenment. Yes, there was an element of stress and  pretty much never enough time to get the scene and lights right for a perfect shot. And when something goes wrong, you can’t rewind time to bring back and re-capture these special moments.

This means, a wedding photographer has a duty and responsibility. But wait: That’s not a bad thing really to have.

More importantly, seeing and taking part in the joy and happiness, the hope and vulnerability a woman and man who promise to each other experience – and capturing this with my camera – turned out to be a wonderful, enriching experience for me. And I do not want to miss this experience.

This is how I became a wedding photographer.

If you hire us for your wedding, we will do everything in our power to make it a memorable experience for you. Our weddings start at $700, and this includes a free engagement session!

Video services: What we offer

Have you ever considered a promotional video for your business, but found it cost prohibitive? We will produce an engaging social media video for you. Are you an actor, who wants to spice-up or produce a reel or record a monologue? We can produce a professional video at a very reasonable cost. Our prices start at $150 for small, promotional videos. But low cost does not mean low quality. We will record your video at 4K resolution in the professional Apple ProRes HQ422 format. This will future-proof your footage. You have a choice of single or dual camera recordings. All microphones we use are professional grade. Special effects and transitions can be added upon request.

 Portrait photography: What we offer

Professional cameras and lights:

We are using professional cameras and lighting equipment, to create the look you desire. My high end DSLR cameras are waiting for you!

Unbiased portrait and headshot reviews:

Unbiased reviews to assess the effectiveness of your portrait are available through PhotoFeeler, a web based third party service owned by PhotoFeeler Inc.

Photo retouching:

We offer two levels of photo retouching for portrait photography, basic and advanced. Basic retouching is included in all of our standard photography packages. It includes color corrections, curves adjustments, and yellow layer subtractions. Blemish and wrinkle removal are included for free as well upon request. Advanced retouching goes a step further. It includes professional skin, eye, hair, lip, and facial shape retouching. All of this is done in separate Photoshop layers. The techniques we apply for advanced retouching are the same the advertisement industry uses. Among them are frequency separation, dodging, burning, air brushing, and liquefying

The value of a good portrait

Imagine what a good portrait or headshot can do for you. On how many social media websites have you posted portraits of yourself? Does your LinkedIn profile picture appear influential or your Facebook photo likeable?

According to, 58% percent of all people (worldwide) have a profile on at least one social media website. On, we learn that users on Flickr (the photo sharing social media website) upload a total of 3000 images every minute! Many of them are portraits or headshots.

A good portrait or headshot can make the difference between landing a job, engaging a new customer, dating the right person – or not.

Don’t leave it up to chance how you are being perceived by friends, clients, potential customers, or life partners. / 610-427-9672